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 “Recording the Spoken Word

Delivered through

Sermons, Bible Study, and Prophetic Moments”


5-Part Note Taker/Journal

320 Pages 6x9 Spiral Bound
(Easily carried in a Bible case)














Sermon & Bible Study Notes

Prophetic Moments



Calendar of Events











This journal provides an organized method for recording the spoken word delivered through sermons, bible study, or prophetic moments.  The journal consists of  five component parts:

(1)  The "Subject Index" section is used to catalog, for future use, the subject of each message delivered.  The subject is initially recorded in the "Sermon and Bible Study Notes" section and then later transferred to the "Subject Index." 

(2)  The "Sermon and Bible Study Notes" section contains two pages -- one page provides a predesignated place to record the service type, the subject, speaker, and note taking space.  The second page is an entire page of note-taking space.

(3)  The "Prophetic Moments" section allows for recording prophecy as it is spoken or, during an epiphany.

(4)  The "Life Application" section is used to recap the principles received during the message that will be used in everyday living. 

(5)  Finally, the "Calendar of Events" section provides the opportunity to record the upcoming church events in one centralized location.

The ultimate purpose of this journal is to elevate spiritual growth.  By recording, reviewing, and applying the spoken word delivered through sermons, bible study, or prophetic moments, it is hoped that our knowledge of the word of God and our spiritual walk will be strengthen.

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